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Techensglobal’s Enterprise Security & Risk Management Services team, with proven Cyber Security experience, cross-industry and cross OEM technologies expertise, act as a trusted advisor – consultant, systems integrator, and program project manager. We specialise in helping our Customers implement Security Transformation plans and maintain an up-to-date

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How We Protect You From The Internet

Techensglobal understands how important your information conducts business and to protects the assets, every year cyber-attacks grow exponentially as cybersecurity risks pose some of the most serious economic and national security challenges, the motivations behind cyber-attacks intended to cause economic impacts may be different from those posing a threat to national security. And, in many cases, the real purpose and primary objective of a cyber-attack may be hidden or obscured to preserve the availability and confidentiality of your information assets, you need a professional and expert team in the cyber defense field.
Our experts will help you to manage availability, integrity, and confidentiality, as well as other aspects of information security

Data Security

Data protection is the process of safeguarding critical and sensitive data from potential compromise, modification, or loss. In today’s world, data is growing at an unprecedented rate, making it critical to protect sensitive data from potential misuse. Data Privacy regulations deal with the handling of personal or financial data. Data privacy concerns arise when data is shared with third parties without the consent of its owner. Data breaches can cause the organisation heavy damage in terms of penalties or reputation loss.

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Cyber Security

Data Discovery & Classification 

Our Data Discovery services identify sensitive data across multiple data stores, either On-Premise or on the cloud. We provide data discovery services for

Cyber Security

Data Privacy & Data Protection 

Our dedicated and professionally skilled team works relentlessly to ensure error-free and timely delivery of solutions to our clients.

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Cloud Security 

Cloud is the new normal, however, most organizations find their security program lacking to protect security on the cloud, Techensglobal cloud security services help you to transform and extend your security program to protect your cloud-based assets while approaching it from four key perspectives – Identity security opportunity, workload protection areas, data security strategy, and leadership reporting solutions

Cyber Security

Cloud Identity Management Services 

Our Cloud Identity Management service provides a variety of identity solutions to extend enterprise governance of

Cyber Security

Cloud Security Advisory Services

Our Cloud Consultant helps assess customer’s existing cloud controls, identify gaps in alignment with customer

Cyber Security

Cloud Workload Protection Platform Services

Our strategy is to provide consistent visibility and control of workloads, regardless of their lifespan,  location, and workload


Advanced Threat Management

In today’s digital age, where everything is interconnected, it is essential to secure our digital assets from cyber-attacks. Cybercrime is on the rise, and cybercriminals are increasingly using sophisticated tools, advanced techniques & diverse cyber-attack systems. In addition, cloud and hybrid environment has further expanded the threat landscape, making Threat Detection more challenging than ever.

An efficient and effective security monitoring & threat detection mechanism is the need of the hour. Organisations need to have a focused approach towards Threat Detection and Incident Response along with advanced malware analysis, threat intelligence, cyber forensics, and red teaming to protect critical information assets.

Our Advanced Threat Management (ATM) capability includes Threat Detection, Threat Response, Threat Intelligence, Red Teaming, Threat Eradication & Recovery services.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Threat Intelligence, Detection & Response

Our solution improves the organization’s risk posture through threat hunting & detection to eliminate risks with speed and precision. Combining threat

Cyber Security

Red Teaming & Threat Eradication Services

Our Certified Ethical Hackers and Red Team members combine the elements of social engineering with penetration testing to gain insight into your


Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) services facilitate enterprises to design, implement, and automate information and access controls. IDAM ensures that only the right and authorized individuals have access to the data.

We provide end-to-end IAM solutions to enable enterprises to resolve access management challenges through our protection of critical IT systems, data, and applications.

Cyber Security

Identity Governance and Administration

We provides users and IT administrative employees with secure access to applications; solutions that minimise need for

Cyber Security

Access Management

Our Access Management Solution makes logging easier for users in a secured manner by enabling single sign-on, with additional access control mechanisms like

Cyber Security

Privileged Access Management

Our PAM solution helps enterprises prevent threats for effective management, and track privileged user sessions by designing,


Network Security

With an ever-evolving threat landscape and an increase in cyber-terrorism across all possible infrastructures including public/private/hybrid cloud, it is crucial that organisations build a robust and strategic infrastructure design based on Zero trust architecture. It should be secured from new threat vectors, regulatory landscape, and resiliency through advanced security platforms and cyber-attack detection techniques
We help organisations reduce cyber risk, implement security approaches in a well-planned manner, optimise a return on current security investments and improve overall infrastructure security posture.

Network Design & Implementation Services
Detect, mitigate, and prevent network threats
Improve security protection
Mitigate risk while maximising business
Migration & Transformation Services
Lower enterprise data and network risk
Reduce overall operational costs
Securing Remote Workplaces

Service Offerings

Security Perimeter design
Managed Firewall
Managed Web Application Firewall
Managed IDS/IPS
Managed Remote Access
Managed Endpoint Protection
Managed Advanced Threat Protection Solutions
Managed Web Security Gateway
Managed Email Security
Managed Load Balancer
Managed DDoS
Managed Email Security
Managed Endpoint Threat Detection and Response
Cyber Security

Managed Network Security Service

Our solution helps minimise network threats & maximise uptime through a base set of monitoring and operational

Cyber Security

Managed Endpoint Protection

Our solution manages multiple platforms and secures millions of endpoints across hundreds of customers. The services

Cyber Security

Managed Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

Our solution provides a proactive approach to threat monitoring, focusing on investigating suspicious


Risk Management

our customers with a wide range of professional services, including vulnerability assessment, security compliance, employee security awareness, advisory patch management, intelligence feeds, penetration testing, risk survey, and design review.
Additionally, we provide several managed services offerings such as SOC as a Service, SecOps as a Service, and Security Plugins.

Cloud & Security Solution

With the transition to the cloud, your organisation needs to fully address information security. We offer full support in the process of cloud migration, including: – Building a strategic security plan

Management and protection of cloud infrastructure
Selecting appropriate and efficient security products according to your environment’s vulnerabilities and threats
Promoting tailored cost-efficient solutions